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Selling Japanese manga and doujinshi!

Thanks for coming by! Any questions about the content or condition of an item are welcome. Bargaining is welcome!

Order instructions -- Please read!

Please view my feedback post here. I'll be more than happy to leave feedback for you after a successful transaction if you let me know where to post.

- I ship from Illinois to anywhere in the world.
- I ship by USPS. All standard shipping services (Media Mail, Parcel Post, First Class, Priority, Express) are okay.
- I ship next business day when I am able to print a label through PayPal. If your shipping address is not configured in PayPal, there may be delays.
- Buyer pays all shipping costs.
- I am not responsible for items lost by the postal service. This has never happened to me in nine years of online sales, but if you're worried, please consider buying insurance and/or tracking on your order.
- I've been selling online for over ten years. Your items will be packaged very securely!

PayPal only! Buyer is responsible for additional fees if paying by credit card via PayPal.

Trades are awesome! I'm looking for the following Japanese language manga and novels:
- G Gundam Gaiden manga Shouryuu Densetsu (翔龍伝説) and 7th Gundam Fight (ガンダムファイト7th)
- Turn A Gundam manga: Tsuki no Kaze (月の風)
- Gundam Wing Gaiden novel Migite ni Kama wo Hidarite ni Kimi wo (右手に鎌を左手に君を)
- "Adventure Hero's Books" (choose your own adventure) based on Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Castlevania, etc. or Gundam (I own one based on Legend of Zelda with realistic artwork on the cover and "Super Mario Brothers Gaiden"; especially looking for the Zelda one with cartoon Link on it and "Super Mario Brothers Gaiden 2")
- Gundam "Adventure Hero's Books", especially 最期の赤い彗星
- Cowboy Bebop: Wild Man Blues & Cowboy Bebop: Chord Memory novels

Otherwise, if you have something special or unique I'll consider it. =)

- Please comment for a shipping estimate. Include what you'd like to order, country you'd like the item shipped to, and preferred shipping speed(s).
- Normally, I will hold items for a maximum of 5 days.
- After we agree on a final invoice, payment is due within 4 days.


One Piece

Title: Red Data Book
Circle/artist: Komantare BOO
Genre: all-crew humor (with Vivi), serious Sanji/Usopp talking
Rating: PG
Year: 2001
Pages: 30 (A5 size)
Condition: very slight reading wear
sample page

Title: Bakubaku Junction
Circle/artist: Yagyu House
Genre: Alabasta arc humor, Ace/Luffy, Hina/Smoker with a strap-on (brief and played for laughs)
Rating: R
Year: 2002
Pages: 32 (A5 size)
Condition: very slight reading wear
sample page

Title: RUSH (Junbi-gou)
Circle/artist: Yagyu House
Genre: half comedy manga, half illustrated text report on a live One Piece stage event
Rating: PG
Year: 2002
Pages: 24 (A5 size)
Condition: A little reading wear. This is a copy book - that is, it is stapled together rather than bound with glue, the staples are covered with tape, and the pages are large-size photocopies, which are folded over, leaving blank insides of the pages between them. There is a clear plastic cover on top of a color photocopy for a cover. This kind of book is usually made at the last minute before a con.
sample page


Left doujinshi is about Okada Aamin's various series. Right one is of Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar.
Circle/artist: Shounen Gyafun
Rating: PG
Year: about 2003
Pages: about 30
Condition: very slight reading wear
sample page 1, sample page 2
Either book or both books FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE! Or pay shipping only!


Discounts for buying multiple items! I really want to sell as many items as possible per shipment - make me an offer!

All books are Japanese language. All have been gently read and have a little cover wear, but no major damage. Dust jackets all look like new unless noted, but may have price stickers.

Trigun 1 (Shounen Captain version), Trigun Maximum 1, and Trigun Maximum 8. $3 each.

Cyborg 009 1. $2.
Black Jack 3. $2.

Dr. Slump 1. $2.
SD Gundam Eiyuuden 1 (includes card). $2.

Buy several books and get a discount!

MAJOR discounts for buying multiple items! I really want to sell as many items as possible per shipment - make me an offer!

All prices are negotiable!

Please read the ordering instructions before replying. Thanks!

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    Buyers are invited to post feedback here, if they would be so kind. =)